Decanters, jugs & table glass. JW146

An Arts and Crafts silver mounted decanter and stopper

A quatrefoil, wrythen ribbed and dimpled decanter with applied pinch trailing and original stopper made by Stuart's c1890 with silver mount marked Birmingham 1890 and 'JSG'. 11 !/2 ins high.
The design for this decanter is illustrated in '19th British Glass' by Charles Hajdamach.

Decanters, jugs & table glass. Pair salts

A pair of Georgian salts

A pair of pillar moulded salts with scalloped rims on square pedestal stems and circular feet, early 19th cent.
approx. 2 7/8 ins. high x 4 ins. wide.

Decanters, jugs & table glass. Bonnet

A square base salt

A ribbed ovoid bowl salt with scallop cut rim and notch cut ribbing on pedestal stem and square foot, c1780-90.
3 1/4 ins high.
Sometimes these small items are called Bonnet or Montieth glasses but certainly this one could not be drunk from.

Decanters, jugs & table glass. JW37

6 champagne flutes

A set of 6 champagne flutes with trumpet bowls over inverted baluster knops conical foot, early 19th cent. 7 ins high

Decanters, jugs & table glass. JW58

A celery vase

A pretty small bell bowl 'celery' vase c1800,
5 5/8ins high.

Decanters, jugs & table glass. Richardson's engraved claret jug

A Richardsons engraved claret jug

An amphora shaped claret jug engraved with meandering Passion flowers by Richardson's of Stourbridge, mid 19th cent. 11 ins. high

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