Coloured glass British & European. JW68

A blue cream jug

A blue cream jug of baluster form with strap handle gilt with a floral sprig and 'Remember me' early 19th cent. 5 3/4 ins high.
We have not described this as 'Bristol' as it is a slightly paler colour more associated with the north of England.

Coloured glass British & European. JW67

A blue sugar bowl

A Bristol blue sugar bowl gilt with "Be canny with the sugar" on a trumpet pedestal stem and folded foot, early 19th cent., 3 1/4 ins high & 4ins diam.
Slight rubbing to the decoration

Coloured glass British & European. Ruby cased wine

One of a set of 8 ruby cased wine glasses

A set of 8 ruby cased wine glasses cut with mitres and polished lenses on slice cut stems, mid 19th cent.
5 1/8 ins. high.

Coloured glass British & European. JW113

A rare pair of acid cameo vases<\center>

A rare pair of straw opal [vaseline] vases with acid cameo floral decoration, late 19th cent. 3 1/4ins high

Coloured glass British & European. Hodgetts champ

An amethyst cased champagne

An amethyst case champagne on clear cut stem and foot, intaglio engraved with the three fruit pattern of pomegranates, pears and apples with a band of meandering leaves and buds by Joshua Hodgetts for Stevens & Williams, early 20th cent.
6 7/8 ins, high

Coloured glass British & European. JW69

A gilt metal mounted amber perfume bottle

A Bohemian amber scent bottle with slice cut body and stopper with basel gilt metal mount, the flowers polychrome enamelled and inset glass 'diamonds', min 19th cent. 8 1/2ins high.

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